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Wearable Digital Signage

SaaS, dynamic display and advertising platform.

Rotating slideshows of custom content.

If you can't beat the screen, use it to connect.

Wearable Digital Signage.
A dynamic display and SaaS platform.
Rotating slideshows of custom content.
  • Engages attention
  • Informs customers
  • Invites conversation
  • Deepens employee/customer relationship
  • Communicates to multiple people at once
  • Empowers employee
  • Strengthens brand
  • Drives revenue

Combine content about your employees, (where from, hobbies, affinities, passions) with corporate promotional content. This creates a deeper connection, and employees feel valued.

BEAM is a game-changer for consumer facing companies:
Retail, Food & Beverage, Hospitality, Travel, Banking, Entertainment, Trade Shows & Events, Delivery


  • New ad real estate: "the employee"
  • Employees wearing ads deliver personal touch & impact.
  • Ad sales generate revenue & third parties that want presence in your business can subsidize BEAM cost.



Better Experience
  • Ice Breaker
  • Engaging
  • Connection
Discovery / Actionable
  • New products & services
  • Sales & promotions


Feeling More Valued
  • Their personal content
  • Sense of pride
  • Empowering
Better Experience
  • Invites engagement
  • Deeper customer relationships
  • Communicates for you
  • "Cool" factor


Brand Lift
  • Improved customer experience
  • Employee morale
  • Tech-forward leader
Can Drive Revenue
  • Launches
  • Promotions
  • Complements Marketing
  • Additional Ad Revenue
"Our employees love wearing the BEAMs because it makes them feel more special with their own content and it invites customers into conversation as an ice breaker. Customers found them to be extremely informative, great for the brand.""
Chad Cummings
Director E-Commerce, NorCal Division
"We are launching Beam at Enjoy to help magically facilitate conversation and trust in our visits. BEAM fosters personal connections and has been a conversation starter in many of our visits. The ability to program the device is also of great value to Enjoy and to our partners. We have made BEAM a standard part of our Employee's uniform as we dress to perform.""
Ron Johnson
Founder & CEO
"We pilot tested BEAM in 4 restaurants. Impact was experienced by both employees and customers. It is an absolute ice breaker, conversation starter, and informative. We have now rolled BEAM out to 16 restaurants.""
Ali Karachi
California Round Table Pizza Group
"We introduced BEAMs at the HEAT during our 2017-18 season. It was an excellent way to draw attention to our promotions, display fun graphics, get fans excited about the game, and create meaningful 1-to-1 interactions. We were regularly approached by fans who wanted more information about the promotions on the BEAM. These BEAMs don't go unnoticed!""
Derek Rhodes
Manager, Mobile Innovation Information Technology

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Consumers are BEAMING!

The BEAM App

Have fun and be creative with GIFs, Slideshows, & Beams.

Create your Own

Create your Own

Use photos, pull from the web, design single Beams and slideshows instantly. Wear and share GIFs from your phone and from GIPHY.

Find & Discover

Browse Beams in the newsfeed and other Beamers' libraries, or search specific areas of interest.

Support & Donate

Raise awareness, stimulate conversation, learn about causes, donate and take action.

Follow & Subscribe

Enjoy receiving Beams from the bands, celebrities, schools, causes, teams, and friends you follow.


Receive content directly on your BEAM from your favorite teams, orgs and friends.

Start a Conversation

Beam to your device, share to social media and to friends by text. Share what you care about and engage others.

1. Magnet Set

2. Handbag Strap

1. Pin Case

Tech Specs

Light, Smart and Sleek.

Highest Quality Display

Tons of pixels (400x400), millions of colors (24 bit) and a vibrant AMOLED screen.

Fast Wireless

Send Beams quickly to your BEAM with the latest Bluetooth technology.

Long Battery Life

Up to 24 hours per charge. Power saving features enable auto-dim & auto-sleep.


Wear BEAM your way, with the convenient magnet set, handbag and backpack strap, secure pin, and fashionable skins.

Large Capacity

GIFs, slideshows, keep 100 Beams on your BEAM.

Smart Sensors

Ambient light sensor for best image day or night. Accelerometer extends battery life.

Panic Button

Instant Connect.

press panic button

Press Function Button

Hold for 10 seconds to send panic text message
and maplink & GPS location from phone. *

Use for safety and convenience:

  • Walking across campus alone at night.
  • Leaving the office on your way home.
  • Driving without texting.

Up to 4 recipients can receive your message.

* Setup message and add recipients in the app.

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Companies, conferences, sales team, retail settings, and brands - use our SaaS Platform. Consumers - enjoy our free app and start creating Beams today. Perfect gift for all occasions.