Frequently Asked Questions

How do I contact Customer Support?

Please check below for answers to any questions or problems you may have.  You can email us at:

Do you ship to Europe? Do you ship outside of the U.S. or Canada?

Right now we ONLY ship to the U.S. and Canada.   We will update our website and notify users in the app when this changes.

Can I BEAM my own GIFs?

Not yet.   When that changes, we'll announce in the app and on our website! 

For now - BEAM’s partnership and integration with is the only pathway for GIFs.  You can use GIFs that are available on the GIPHY platform.  More specifically, the GIPHY content that can be accessed from the BEAM app is limited to two sources:  the G-rated content that GIPHY editorial has approved, and the G-rated content from "verified" GIPHY channels.  

We are working on enabling you to upload your own GIFs, but it is not available yet. When it does become available, we will announce it on our website and in the app with a Notification.

My BEAM is stuck at 10% battery level and won't charge.

There is an easy fix for this:

1).  Please unplug your BEAM from any charger.
2).  Turn it on, leave it on, and let the battery drain entirely until the device powers down.  NOTE - this make take several hours or up to 24 hours.   NOTE - the battery will drain faster if the brightness is highest.
3).  Once the device has drained it’s battery altogether and powers off, confirm that it won't turn on - holding the power button for up to 30 seconds should not turn the device on.  
4).  THEN, Plug in your charging cable to the BEAM, and let it charge for 2 hours.  5).  You can check the battery level as it is charging by clicking once on the power button.   
6).  Your BEAM should charge all the way back up to 100% and function properly after that.

FW Upgrade - Mac?

At this time, the pathway to upgrade FW requires a PC running Windows 10 or later.   We appreciate and understand that means that Mac users will need to be able to use a friend's PC or even one in a public venue  (e.g. Fedex/Kinko's, Library, etc.).   
Note - Running Win10 on a Mac via Parallels or a Virtual Machine unfortunately does not work. 
As soon as there is a more convenient pathway for Mac users, we will update our website with new instructions. 

My BEAM won't Pair. How do I fix that?

First, please make sure you have the most recent version of the BEAM app installed v. 342 for iOS right now and v. 438 for Android as of 1/19/18. We release upgrades with improvements, enhancements, and bug fixes on a regular basis. Once you have confirmed that you have current version of the app installed, and only one instance of our app, then please follow these steps.

1). Turn your BEAM device off entirely. Hold the power button for 5 sec, and if it does not turn off, then hold the power button for 30 seconds.
2). Close the BEAM app on your phone
3). Turn your phone entirely off
4). Turn your phone back on, and make sure Bluetooth is enabled, and that you have a strong WiFi signal
5). Launch the BEAM app
6). Login, go to your profile screen, go to the Settings screen (Gear icon in upper right), and click "PAIR BEAM BUTTON"
7). Turn your BEAM device on. Do this by holding the power button for 5 sec. If it does not turn on, hold the power button for 30 seconds.
8). When the BEAM does power on, in the app, you should see your device name appear in on the Pairing screen. If your BEAM does not display in the list, click the Power button once so you see the battery read out. This ensures the BEAM device is broadcasting its bluetooth signal.
9). Click on your BEAM's name from the list on the Pairing screen to select it. The next screen is optional - you can give your BEAM a custom name, or skip.
10). Once your BEAM is paired, confirm that by adjusting the brightness slider -  make sure you see the brightness of your BEAM device respond.
11). Now that you are paired you should be able to user your BEAM normally.

One more note - after you complete these steps, when you go to PAIR BEAM BUTTON - even if there is no entry at the top of the list w/ your BEAM device name on it, but there IS something that says “closest to phone” in purple, you cn click on that, and then give your BEAM a name on the next screen. 

FW Upgrade - "STDFU.dll" problem

On some PC's, depending on the HW and .NET framework installation, sometimes the file "STDFU.dll" is not present.   

We will provide a link here where you can download the STDFU.dll file (stay tuned).   

Once you install that, the FW Ugrade Tool will work.  

GIFs take a long time to load to my BEAM device

When you begin a GIF transmission to your BEAM, each single frame of the GIF gets transmitted. You’ll notice each frame then appearing on your device and displaying, while the next one transmits.
The circular turquoise blue progress bar around the circumference of the device shows for each frame.
Once ALL the frames of your GIF have been loaded, then the GIF will play on your device. 

This may take a bit of time depending on how many frames the GIF contains.

NOTE =  Transmission speed is a function of BlueTooth capability on your phone or tablet.  Newer phones take advantage of faster BlueTooth capability, and thus BEAMING is faster in general on newer phones, and can be noticeably slower on older phones. 

Bulk Order Discounts?

Yes!  Please send an email to: and include your company or organization name, quantity you are interested in, and use case.  Thank you.  

How long does the Battery last? What affects it?

Battery life can vary significantly based on content, mode, and brightness.

With a single image, at brightness of 85%, the battery typically lasts 24 hours.  

Factors that affect battery life:

1). CONTENT COLOR: More power is consumed if the image is mostly white, Less power is consumed if the image is mostly black.

2). BRIGHTNESS SETTING: If the brightness setting is maxed out at 100%, more power is consumed. Significant power is saved as you decrease brightness - e.g. to 80% or 85%.   This setting lives on the Profile Settings screen.  (From your Profile screen, click the Gear in the upper right corner).

3). MODE:  This has the most impact of all.
Each of these ranges depend on content and brightness setting.

          Slideshow mode:  10-14 hrs, 
          GIF:  4-6 hrs,
          Single Image:  20-24+ hrs. 

Can I add a GIF to a slideshow?

No.  At this time, you can only use single BEAMs in a slideshow

How do I toggle between Single Image and Slideshow Mode?

The Function Button on the BEAM device is right next to our 3-Stripe logo.

Press and hold the Function Button for 5 seconds and it will toggle modes between Single Image and Slideshow.

NOTE - this will only work if you have already BEAMED a slideshow to your BEAM device. If you do not have any slideshows on your device, you can't toggle into slideshow mode.

NOTE - when you BEAM a slideshow to your device, your device will automatically be in slideshow mode, showing the slideshow you just BEAMED. 

How do I switch which slideshow is playing on my BEAM?

If you have more than one slideshow on your BEAM device, you can easily pick which one is playing in 2 different ways: 

1).  In BEAM App:   Find the slideshow that is already on your device and simply click "BEAM".  Since it is already on your device, it will start quickly.

2). Use Function Button on the Device:
     A).  First, go to Single Image mode.  (Hold the Function Button for 5 seconds to toggle between single image and Slideshow mode).
     B).  Find an image that is in the slideshow you want to play.
               In Single Image mode, Click Fcn button once = go to next image.
               In Single image mode, Double-Click Fcn button = go to previous image.
     C).  When you are on an image from the slideshow you want to play....  Hold the Function button for 5 seconds to toggle into slideshow mode.

NOTE - if an image is in multiple slideshows, the slideshow that willl play is the MOST RECENTLY BEAMED slideshow with that image in it.  

To get a different slideshow to play, go to an image that is unique to that slideshow - not in any other slideshows.   Or, do it from the App.

How do I "Pair" my BEAM device?

You Pair to your BEAM device in the BEAM Authentic App.   (Not in phone settings).

1. Turn Bluetooth on your phone on.   
2. Turn on your BEAM Device and have it near your phone.
3. In the BEAM App, click on your "Profile" icon in the global nav at the bottom of the screen - it is the second button from the left.
4. On your Profile page, click the "Settings" icon in the upper right corner that looks like a gear.
5. Click the top purple button that says "PAIR BEAM BUTTON"
6.  A list will come up with all BEAMs that are nearby, the one closest to your phone will be at the top of the list.  Click on your BEAM from that list.
7.  When the Congratulations screen comes up you are paired.   You can name your BEAM on that screen, or leave it as is.  Click "DONE" to continue.

Now that you are paired, you can BEAM to your device!  Have fun!

You can also adjust the settings for your device such as brightness and battery saving timers for dimming or turning off your device after a period of time.

What is the 3-Stripe Pledge?

It is a manifestation of BEAM, our desire to make the world a better place, and to have our product and service and platform be used in a positive fashion.

How do I get a BEAM?

Click the Buy Now button from the top of our website.